Made Plastic Salad Bowl

Imported food grade raw material. comply with FDA standard 。 100% PET raw material. No impurities. 30%-50% Edge cutted material

Product Details

1.Volume: 140*55mm

2.Base thickness: 0.35mm

3.Lid thickness: 0.35mm

4.Better Heat-resistant up to 70°C , 10°C higher than average.

5.Excellent hardness performance and Flexible, stable clearence, not easy to change color in two years.

6.stable chemical property,Not easy to Release Toxic substances

We can produce the products according to your samples or design,the material can be PP,PET,PS,BOPS,PVC,PLA etc.

7.Our ability including tooling making, extrusion, thermoforming, vacuum forming.  All in one place insure our most competitive price and guarantee quality!

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