Disposable Plastic PP Tray For Frozen Food

100% new food grade material,non-toxic high transparency .Accurate mould makes our products lock tightly . With thicker material ,the box shape doesn't change when stacking up .

Product Details


Plastic material: PP

Printing Handling: Embossing or stamping

Place of Origin: Hangzhou, China (Mainland)

Custom logo: Acceptable

OEM/ODM: Acceptable

Item size :container 18.3*10.2*0.6cm

Product name: Disposable food container

Usage: Pack frozen food

Character: Eco-friendly, disposable or reusable

Thickness: 0.5mm-1mm

Sample : You can get free sample from our stock which is available ,but express cost will be covered by customer .

Disposable Plastic PP Tray For Frozen Food

pp plastic, chemical name: polypropylene English name: Polypropylene (abbreviated as pp) Specific gravity: 0.9-0.91 g/cm3 Molding shrinkage: 1.0-2.5% Molding temperature: 160-220℃ PP is a crystalline polymer, PP is Comprehensive performance is better than PE material. PP products have light weight, good toughness, and good chemical resistance. Disadvantages of PP: low dimensional accuracy, insufficient rigidity, poor weather resistance, it has post-shrinkage phenomenon, after demolding, it is easy to age, become brittle, and easy to deform. In daily life, the commonly used fresh-keeping box is made of PP material.

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