Why Do Blister Box Molds Need To Spray Teflon Coating?

- Nov 21, 2019-

Due to the wide range of applications of blister packaging, many times the products are designed to be ever-changing. Some simple molds may not require the upper molds. The products can be made very beautiful, and we can make a simple one. The mold can also complete the production of the product. If the difficulty is higher, it may be necessary to engrave the mold to complete the production of the product.

In addition to the above three frequently encountered situations, there is also a special case. In this case, the blister packaging box is the most difficult to produce. The mold of this product is generally high, but the height is not the most important factor, but The mold is basically not a little arc, and the gap between the products in the mold is small, the small is about 0.5 cm, and the mold has many corners.

At this time, when you make the goods, you will encounter a problem, that is, the product cannot be removed after molding. If some plastic manufacturers do not have experience in the production of such products, then there is no way to make goods. How to solve this situation? In fact, there is still a way. The method is to spray a special material on the mold before we make the goods. Our special coating for Teflon polymer is fluorine coating with PTFE as the matrix resin. The name is Teflon. We are commonly known as Teflon. The biggest characteristic of this kind of material is low friction, which is super lubricity. This kind of performance is just good for us to release the mold when we produce the blister box, so our plastic mold sprayed this paint. Demoulding is not a problem. The production of the product is naturally solved.