What Should I Pay Attention To When Purchasing Blister Packaging Boxes From Blister Packaging Factories?

- Jan 15, 2020-

When you buy blister packaging boxes from blister packaging factories, do you know what needs to be based on the purchase? Next Cheng Feng Blister Packaging Factory will explain for you.

First of all, before purchasing blister packaging, we need to confirm the grade of the product. Because of different production processes, the performance of the packaging produced is also very different. Because some products need packaging that can withstand strong external pressure, they can support the product and ensure the integrity of the product. In addition, some packaging is to improve the quality of the entire product, so the more beautiful and high-grade materials will be selected, which will have different modeling requirements for the processing technology of the packaging.

What are the other points to note when purchasing blister packaging?

1. Before custom-made blister packaging, be sure to consider the packaging requirements of the product in advance and select the corresponding type of packaging according to the demand;

2. When purchasing blister packaging, also consider the transparency of the blister material. At present, many plastic packaging materials require higher transparency, the higher the transparency, the more prominent the grade of the product, thereby increasing the sales profit of the product. However, to improve the transparency of the packaging box, it also needs to undergo some special processes, and the production cost will also increase. In addition, the packaging boxes produced in different batches will also have differences in transparency, so you must determine the specific transparency coefficient with the manufacturer before purchasing, and maintain the transparency coefficient within a certain range.

3. Before purchasing blister packaging, the packaging shape should be determined in advance. The current blister process can perform various styling processes on blister materials, and the details can also be handled in place. Of course, the higher the process requirements, the higher the packaging cost.