What's The Difference Between Blister Packaging And Blow Molding?

- Jan 07, 2020-

What's the difference between blister packaging and blow molding?

There are many molding methods for plastic packaging, and each method has its own characteristics. Blow molding and blistering are similar concepts, but in fact they are very different. Blister is the process of heating plastic tablets and placing them on a mold with a vacuum. Plastic molding. Blow molding is an extruder extruding a plastic melt into a hollow and then placing it on a mold, and the hollow melt is expanded to form with compressed air.

       The development of blister forming process, the forming process has three elements: large-scale plastic raw materials, forming equipment and set conditions and forming molds. The main problem of forming large-scale plastic materials into products is the formability of large-scale plastic materials, that is, the difficulty of forming and processing. This is not only related to its physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics, but also to the process conditions of plasticizing, flowing, and punching of the process materials.

       Blister packaging material is the main raw material for packaging production. After a whole product is produced, a single small product will be left, and then there will be leftovers of some products. Generally, it will cause confusion if it does not know how to distinguish. Materials commonly used in blister packaging plants are PP, PET, PVC, PS, etc.

       The blow molding process and the blister process are essentially the same, and during the Second World War, the plastic process began to be used to produce low-density polyethylene vials, so its development has a long history. For us, The words also helped our work very well.