What Requirements Should Pet Food-grade Plastic Packaging Meet?

- Dec 03, 2019-

pet food grade plastic packaging should meet:

① Global Plastics.com believes that firstly it must meet the basic performance of food protection, and it must have all the technical properties required for food protection, such as the corresponding air permeability, moisture permeability, chemical stability, physical and mechanical properties, and sealing properties (Tester measurement), light-shielding property, fragrance retaining property, etc.

② Adaptability of production process It can meet the requirements of packaging mechanization and automated production processes, such as the sterilization and sterilization of materials, forming, filling (sometimes hot filling) and sealing operations, to ensure production efficiency and packaging quality.

③ Promote sales Packaging materials and containers should have good sales appearance and adaptability to printing and decoration, which will help to increase the value of food commodities and be attractive and competitive in the market.

④ Hygiene and safety Food packaging materials must not have any adverse effects on food, including any odor and pollution of harmful ingredients, to ensure the health and safety of food; at the same time, it should make consumers feel safe and hygienic.

⑤Other, long-term issues such as the economics of packaging, saving resources, energy, and post-processing recycling of packaging waste, environmental sanitation, and ecological balance