What Kinds Of Blister Molds

- Dec 17, 2019-

What kinds of blister molds

There are three types of blister molds: gypsum mold, electroplated copper mold and aluminum mold.

Plaster mold

Gypsum is carved and molded in a semi-wet state, and then dried to form a mold. The cost of the plaster mold is low and easy to modify, but the accuracy of the plaster mold is not high enough, the surface is not smooth and it is not brittle and durable. Therefore, it is often used for burping, making Types of electroplated copper molds or some plastic molds that require low-volume production.

Electroplated copper mold

After using plaster molds to make samples, electroplating a copper shell is an electroplated copper mold. The cost is higher than that of plaster molds, but it is much cheaper than aluminum molds. Because of the advantages of smooth and durable surface and low cost, electroplated copper molds A commonly used blister mold.

Aluminum mold

Aluminum ingots are processed by machinery (lathes, milling machines, CNC, etc.). Aluminum molds have high precision, smooth surface and durability, but the price is very expensive. Aluminum molds are generally used on plastic products that cannot be reached with copper molds with higher accuracy requirements.