What Is The Production Process Of Blister Packaging Box?

- Jan 07, 2020-

What is the production process of blister packaging box?

  I believe many people have used blister packaging boxes, etc. What is a blister packaging box? People may be a little strange to plastic packaging boxes, but in other words, plastic lunch boxes, I believe everyone can figure out what it is. Blister packing box is a kind of packing box made of plastic. This kind of packing box is mainly used for packing food. So, how is a blister box produced? The following Cheng Feng paper-plastic packaging takes you to a simple understanding.

 Blister packaging box production process:

      1. Understand the required specifications of the packaging box to be produced, and make and process the mold according to the required rules; the general mold is made of gypsum.

      2. Soften the mold after drying;

      3. Place the softened hardened piece in the vacuum chamber, turn on the suction switch, and extract the air in the vacuum chamber so that the softened PVC can be adsorbed on the mold. After waiting for cooling, you can get the same concave packaging or process mold as the mold;

      4. Trimming and finishing of blister packaging.

      Common production materials for blister packaging boxes: bops, ps, pp, PETE, PET, etc.

      In general, blister packaging boxes are generally processed by molds, so its production is relatively simple. Due to the simple production process and the price of blister packaging boxes is not high, we can choose a large blister packaging factory for wholesale purchase when choosing a manufacturer for purchase.