What Is The Blister Packaging

- Apr 01, 2020-

What is the blister packaging

Special blister is a specially offset printing or silk screen printing and thermal vacuum forming blister products, there are several different names, such as color printing blister, blister, offset printing, blister, UV printing, blister, screen printing, blister, screen printing, blister, etc., they are the same kind of product. This product USES the main special process at the early stage of the printing, hot forming and the related work on special processing, its main principle is to after printing PVC, PET, PC, PE, PS, ABS, such as heating soft plastic plate material, adopts the vacuum adsorption on the mold surface, after cooling molding; Because this kind of blister products to make the effect of the colorful, stereo sense is strong, they are widely used in consumer goods, hardware tools, education, media entertainment supplies, lighting lighting, crafts, IT electronics, electric toys, stationery, sporting goods, retail display, cars, cosmetics and so on dozens of many industries.

The characteristics of special blister:

1. Special blister with thickness of the material in the range of 1.5 6.0 mm, after the color of blister depth can reach more than 40 cm, did the deepest depth of the same kind of industry; At the same time, output printing para blister can reach the periphery of the finished product size 2.5 * 3.5 M, is the biggest size color printing blister products can do.

2. Special blister is actually material the use of a piece of ordinary four-color printing. There are several reasons affecting the effects of blister, paper card, printing ink, blister, blister oil, heat sealing conditions, etc. Special blister is special in it, the material requirements of the production of this kind of product is high, it USES materials is a piece of; At the same time, the ink quality demand is high, the ink used must be able to blister high temperature resistance, and good for safe and reliable, eligibility, from the perspective of environmental protection and quality point of view must have a clear advantage, use it to print out a product will not have cracked phenomenon.