What Is PVC Blister Packaging

- Jan 15, 2020-

What is PVC Blister Packaging? If you want to order plastic processing products, you must not only have a comprehensive understanding of the blister packaging factory, but also have an understanding of the material of the blister packaging, so as to better control the cost of goods. The following Cheng Feng Blister Packaging Factory will show you what is PVC Blister Packaging?

First you need to understand the PVC material. PVC, Chinese name polyvinyl chloride, linear amorphous structure. It is made from vinyl chloride monomer under the action of free radical polymerization under the action of peroxide and azobisisobutyronitrile initiator.

The color of PVC material is transparent and other; the material is characterized by softness, strong toughness and good plasticity. Softening or melting temperature range: 75 ~ 90 ° C; burning flame state: white smoke and irritating sour on yellow and green; after the fire: after the fire is extinguished. It becomes brittle after burning.