What Are The Scope Of Application Of Blister Packaging?

- Mar 19, 2020-

What are the scope of application of blister packaging?

The packaging industry combined with industrial restructuring will be more reflected in reduced product consumption, optimized structure, improved varieties, improved quality and enhanced competitiveness. Products that meet consumer upgrades, technological progress and sustainable development will accelerate growth. China will pay sufficient attention to the import of raw materials and high-end packaging materials and high-end machinery and equipment.

Application range of PS blister packaging

The blister packaging factory said that blister is a plastic processing technology. The main principle is that after flattened hard plastic sheets are heated and softened, they are vacuum-adsorbed on the surface of the mold, and then formed after cooling. , Decoration and other industries.

Blister packaging: a general term for plastic products produced by a blister box process, and the products are packaged with corresponding equipment. Blister packaging products include: blister, tray, blister box, synonyms also include: vacuum cover, blister, etc.

The main advantages of blister packaging are: saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance, meeting the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging; can pack any special-shaped products, no additional buffer material is required for packing; the packaged products are transparent and visible, Beautiful appearance, easy to sell, suitable for mechanized and automated packaging, convenient for modern management, saving manpower and improving efficiency

Mold making and processing: According to requirements or sample specifications, first make plastic blister molds. Under normal conditions, gypsum is used to make plastic packaging molds, but wood carving and metal carving products can also be used as molds. After the plaster mold is made, First let it dry completely or dry, and then according to the specific conditions of the product surface, use 1-2 mm drill to drill many small holes in the low recesses that do not affect the product packaging shape. If it is a product such as a packaging box, also Some small holes must be drilled on the four perimeters so that the air can be extracted during the plastic production. After the mold is drilled, the gypsum mold must be hardened. The hardening method is to soak the saturated alum saturated solution and air dry. dry