What Are The Processing Methods Of PET Plastic

- Dec 03, 2019-

1. Injection molding PET bright products often use warm runners. The screw length is larger. The detailed technical conditions are: barrel humidity 270-290 degrees, nozzle humidity 40-250 degrees, and mold humidity wall thickness is 50-70 degrees. When the wall thickness is large, it is 140 degrees, and the injection pressure is 40-100MPa. 2. Extrusion molding Used to produce film and sheet products. In order to improve the mechanical and optical functions of its products, it is often subjected to biaxial stretching treatment. The stretching temperature is 85-90 degrees, the stretching rate is 1000% -1500%, and the stretching ratio is 205-3.3. Blow molding is used for production. PET bottle body is usually molded by injection-pulling-blow method to ensure stretch modification. The technical conditions of injection molding are the same as injection molding. The heating temperature of blow molding is 100 degrees and the blow pressure is 2Mpa. Stainless steel protective film