What Are The Materials Of Blister Products

- Mar 25, 2020-

What are the materials of blister products

Plastic is a kind of hot-soft and cold-shrinkable material. As long as the production of packaging is a mold with a pattern, the packaging product of the mold can be well copied. Therefore, blister products are also referred to as process packaging. Production is still based on the structure of the article to plan the style of plastic packaging to be produced. Guangdong plastic products manufacturers said that each type of packaging production will have their own different ways, of course, such differences can bring special packaging, beautiful appearance, and reduce costs.

How to choose the material of blister products. The main materials of flocking blister packaging products are hard plastic films. The plastic film thickness is generally 0.12-1.0 MM. The commonly used films are PVC, APET, PS, PP, etc. Flocked sheet, gold-plated sheet, antistatic, conductive sheet, etc., should be determined according to environmental protection requirements according to the difficulty of blistering and the size of the product, and so on.

Appropriate selection of thin materials can control costs, and the cost of thicker materials will be higher, which depends on the size, weight, and protection of packaging items. PVC (polyvinyl chloride pvc blister packaging) is one of the commonly used materials for blister packaging. It has strong toughness and good plasticity. It will become brittle in cold and cold weather. It is mainly transparent, and the color can be selected according to different needs. Personalized colors, such materials are the most common choice.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate), known as environmentally friendly material, has good quality, hardness, toughness, high transparency, bright surface, environmental protection, non-toxic, and more transparent, but it is difficult for products that require high frequency to be hot pressed. , The price is relatively expensive, high-end and high-demand products are more commonly used in such materials. PS (polystyrene), small density, light weight, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, (very good plasticity, but poor toughness, easy to brittle, not transparent material.

Blister material is the most important production tool for packaging. Blister packaging material also involves the surface quality of many products. The poor surface quality of the package is due to the poor material, but the packaging with the poor surface quality will be directly The sales of the sales-type packaging that are affected. In order to make good packaging, you must first select good materials. Poor materials can be used. Hot molds before production or production-protective packaging are generally used in blister plants. Materials include PVC, PS, PET, PP, and PET-G. PVC is the first and first used material. PS and PP are environmentally friendly materials that have only recently begun to develop. PET One of the two materials, PET and G, is PET that is used to obtain transparency. PET-G is a material that is produced and used for better hot pressing. Plastic materials also have a variety of colors, including yellow, white, and gold. Sheet, flocking, transparent and more. There are many kinds, and we will analyze the use of materials together.