What Are The Characteristics Of Blister Packaging?

- Mar 07, 2020-

What are the characteristics of blister packaging?

I. PET hard sheet:

Its toughness is good, the strength is high, the transparency is high, but also can recycle reuse, will not produce any harmful gas in the combustion, is a new kind of environmental protection material.

Ii. PS hard sheet:

Its density is low, toughness is poor, easy to burn, burning will produce harmful gas (styrene). So a lot of manufacturers just use this kind of material production industry with the blister tray, it is mainly used in medicine, food, toys, electronics and other industries.

Iii. PVC sheet:

Its toughness is high, not easy to burn, and in the combustion will produce certain toxic gas, causing pollution to the atmosphere. Using PVC material to produce blister shell products, it is easier to heat, and can use special machine for sealing. In many materials, PVC sheet material production transparent plastic products are the most widely used. And in the market application, PVC sheet material is also divided into environmental protection and not environmental protection two kinds, can be widely used in toys, food, electronic products, medicine, electrical appliances, gifts, cosmetics, stationery and other products packaging.

Blister packaging with high transparency and good toughness and high strength

High performance blister machinery and excellent blister technical personnel, in order to survive a perfect quality!