The Development Trend Of The Packaging Industry

- Dec 09, 2019-

Benefiting from the continuous heavy volume of high-end goods, there is a huge demand for color box packaging in China and even global color box packaging. However, the color box packaging industry has a high degree of labor dependency and the lack of high-end packaging talents has indeed hindered the development of color box packaging in China.

     The "Forecast of China Paper Product Packaging Industry's Production and Sales Demand and Investment Forecast Analysis Report Preview" released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute shows that the proportion of employees required for color box packaging companies and corrugated box companies of the same size is between 2: 1 and 3: 1 This shows the dependence of color box packaging on labor. Although the degree of automation in the color box packaging industry has continued to increase, due to the high personal customization requirements of high-end customers, there are also unavoidable disadvantages in machine production, such as the high reject rate of automatic folder-gluing machines. These disadvantages require sophisticated design and skilled labor to make up for it, which also virtually forms the soft power threshold of the color box packaging industry.