Science: What Is Blister Packaging?

- Jan 07, 2020-

Science: What is blister packaging?

What is blister packaging? I believe many people are relatively new to this word. Next Cheng Feng Paper Plastic Packaging will make a popular science for everyone. What is blister packaging?

What is blister packaging

To understand blister packaging, you must first understand what is blister? Blister is a product that is heated by high temperature with the relevant sheet and vacuum molded on the mold. The blister packaging is a collective name for plastic products manufactured by the blister process and using the molded products to package related products.

 Blister products are mainly made of BOPS, PET, PP, PS, PETE and other plastic materials.

 At present, there are many types of blister packaging on the market, mainly electronic blister packaging, stationery blister packaging, toys blister packaging, hardware blister packaging, food blister packaging, daily chemical gift crafts Plastic packaging.

 Cosmetic blister box

      Why is blister packaging so popular?

      1. Can have a certain impact on the image and popularity of the company. At the same time increase the price and grade of the product.

      2. Capable of displaying and protecting products. Generally used in blister packaging are mainly small commodities, which can hang or place the goods on the shelves, thereby better promoting the sales of goods.

      3. Blister packaging can also separate and shockproof the product, making the product more beautiful overall.