Research Progress Of New Modified Materials For Modified Food Packaging

- Dec 26, 2019-

Research Progress of New Modified Materials for Modified Food Packaging

Packaging is a technique used to extend the shelf life of fresh or micro-processed foods. It aims at increasing the shelf life of food by improving the normal atmospheric conditions of the packaged product. Compared with other foods, fresh food has higher respiration rate and water activity, so it is more prone to quality deterioration and short shelf life. Therefore, modified atmosphere packaging is an ideal choice.

The beneficial environmental conditions in fresh food packaging, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and relative humidity, depend on the atmosphere set in the package, the post-harvest physiology of fresh food (such as respiratory strength), and the effect of polymer films on water vapor and gas. Permeability and packaging quality (such as leakage), so in addition to traditional modified atmosphere packaging materials, add functional ingredients, such as antioxidants, to various types of fresh food after storage and transportation Plays a vital role. Therefore, in recent years, research on new materials of modified atmosphere packaging has been paid more and more attention. Although these new materials are far from replacing traditional modified atmosphere packaging materials, their application in this field is promising and has more excellent properties than traditional materials. characteristic. This article summarizes the latest research progress on the related properties of antioxidant active film, nano cling film and biodegradable film. In addition, the future development trend and direction of modified atmosphere packaging are also discussed.