PPO Plastic

- Nov 25, 2019-


PPO plastic, the Chinese name is polyphenylene ether. It has the advantages of high rigidity, high heat resistance, flame retardancy, high strength and excellent electrical properties. In addition, the polyether ether also has the advantages of abrasion resistance, non-toxicity, and pollution resistance. PPO's dielectric constant and dielectric loss are among the smallest varieties in engineering plastics. They are almost independent of temperature and humidity and can be used in low, medium and high frequency electric fields. The load deformation temperature of PPO can reach above 190 °C, and the embrittlement temperature is -170 °C.

Pure PPO materials have the disadvantages of poor melt flow and high price. The products sold in the market are all improved products with excellent comprehensive performance.


PPO plastic is widely used in: electronic and electrical: it can meet the excellent electrical insulation under the conditions of humidity, load and high temperature. It can be used to prepare TV amplifier tuning sheet, coil core, microwave insulation, shielding sleeve and high frequency printed circuit board. , a variety of high-voltage electronic components, televisions, computers, fax machines, copiers and other shells.

Automotive industry: suitable for instrument panel, window frame, shock absorber, pump filter, etc.

Machinery industry: used as gears, bearings, pump impellers, blower impeller blades, etc.

Chemical industry: used to make corrosion-resistant parts such as pipes, valves, filters and submersible pumps.