POM Plastic Drying Technology

- Mar 19, 2020-

POM plastic drying technology

Plastics have many applications in our lives. Manufacturers will talk to you about how to dry POM plastic raw materials. Due to its high hardness, high rigidity, and high wear resistance, POM plastic materials are widely used in gears, bearings, automotive parts, machine tools, instrument interiors and other industries. POM plastic raw materials are generally dried before injection. This is because the moisture content of the raw materials must be in a relatively low range to ensure the normal injection molding and the normal physical properties of the product materials.

最大 The biggest problem with POM raw materials is the strength. If there is a problem with the strength of your POM raw material, then 80% of the reason lies in the POM material.

POM plastic materials are not very hygroscopic. Generally, if the new material is just unpacked, it does not need to be dried, unless it is unpacked for a long time, or it is recycled, then it needs to be slightly dried. The drying temperature is generally 80 degrees, and the time should not exceed two hours.

The best processing temperature: Homopolymerized and copolymerized POM plastic raw materials also have different temperatures for injection molding. The copolymerization is basically 190 degrees, floating up and down five degrees. If it is homopolymer, the injection temperature is 200 degrees, and the temperature is 5 degrees up and down. It's best to bake it when you return it, it will take longer at most.

In terms of control, the processing temperature of POM raw material (polyoxymethylene) is very important. Too high or too low will reduce the product strength. Basically, as long as you don't smell the formaldehyde smell and your strength is still a problem, then try to increase the temperature.

The above is about how to properly POM plastic raw materials. The quality of POM DuPont 500P raw materials has been widely received by customers.