Is ABS Plastic Food Grade Plastic

- Nov 11, 2019-

Is ABS plastic food grade? It can be said that there are food grade grades in abs materials, but most ABS materials do not meet food grade plastic standards. ABS plastic is a kind of commonly used engineering plastics. It is a ternary blend of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. It has many properties such as high strength, high hardness, smooth surface and stable properties, etc. It is mainly used in home appliances, automobiles, etc. Industrial field.

Food grade ABS plastics are first to comply with FDA food safety certification of abs plastics. Currently, the grades of food grade ABS plastics are Taiwan Chi Mei ABS PA-737, BASF ABS 2802HD, BASF ABS 2802-TR, SABIC MG38F, SABIC ABS HP20, first of all, food grade ABS plastic can not be eaten, it is called food grade, mainly because its materials can be directly in contact with food, non-toxic, but no food grade label plastic can not and food Direct contact, if directly contact, will affect food safety.

In addition to food grade ABS plastic, what other plastics are food grade? LDPE plastics and HDPE plastics in PE plastics are food grade plastics. LDPE plastics are non-toxic materials. They have many advantages such as smooth surface, film-forming home, etc. They can be used for food packaging plastic parts, food packaging films, plastic wrap. , pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and so on.

HDPE plastic is a kind of plastic container with plastic hardness, plastic bottle and bottle. It has many advantages such as high hardness, excellent chemical property and strong mechanical strength. PET plastics are also food-grade plastics. At present, plastic bottles for water and beverages are mostly pet and hdpe plastic products. They can also be food packaging boxes, such as cake boxes and fruit boxes.

PP plastic as a food grade plastic, I believe everyone knows, because the baby's bottle is PP plastic products, PP plastic has safe, non-toxic, high temperature, flex resistance and other excellent properties, can be used in plastic boxes, plastic tubes, plastic bags , frozen food bags, etc. In the early days, PS plastic was a commonly used disposable tableware product that could be used in fast food boxes, instant noodles boxes, milk cartons, and the like.