Industry Standard For Plastic Packaging, Containers, Tools And Other Products For Food

- Jul 10, 2019-

Requirements for food packaging materials and their classification 2.1 requirements for food packaging materials: 2) must have appropriate processing characteristics; 3) adequate sanitation and safety; 4) packaging materials or packaging containers composed of materials shall be convenient; 5) low price, convenient for production, transportation and storage; 2.2 classification of food packaging materials: 2.2.1 barrier properties of packaging materials: (1) anti-moisture (damp) packaging; (2) air blocking packaging; (3) light-proof packaging. 2.2.2 according to the state of packaged food :(1) liquid packaging; (2) solid packaging. 2.2.3 classification by food nature :(1) fresh food packaging; (2) heat sterilization food packaging; (3) frozen food packaging; (4) dry food packaging; (5) microwave or irradiated food packaging. 2.2.4 according to the technological characteristics and requirements of food packaging operation :(1) vacuum packaging; (2) inflatable packaging; (3) air-controlled packaging; (4) aseptic packaging; (5) shrink packaging.