Improve The Safety Of Plastic Food Packaging

- Dec 09, 2019-

If you want to really improve the material safety of plastic food, you can rely on modern technology. (1) Use plastic packaging materials with very high safety and hygiene indicators, such as the application of higher purity resins. Do not use discarded and recycled old plastics as actual materials. (2) Continue to study modern and hygienic non-toxic processing auxiliary materials, and gradually improve modern plastic blending technology to ensure that plastics are environmentally friendly, hygienic and non-toxic in the process of food packaging, and improve the actual performance of plastic food packaging materials. 3) With the support of modern technology, continue to develop modern new processing technologies, and use supercritical modern technologies to reduce harmful substances generated during the processing of raw materials. (4) Actively develop modern and intelligent means for practical food packaging, strict progressive scientific design, specific protection of food packaging under reasonable design packaging, and use of the actual characteristics of edibleness and water solubility of certain materials to increase The big green guarantees the detection intensity and avoids the uncertain pollution caused by human operation. (5) Gradually increase the actual supervision and inspection of related plastic products, focusing on testing antioxidants and plasticizers in plastics and a series of substances such as additives or heavy metals to ensure the actual supervision of food packaging.