Characteristics Of PVC Blister

- Apr 26, 2020-

Characteristics of PVC blister

Commonly used blister material, the sheet has high toughness, is not easy to burn, and is soft. It can be made into transparent, customized (color, anti-static, gold-plated, flocking) and other blister packaging products. It has strong impact resistance and is easy Molding, products are widely used in the packaging of toys, food, electronic products, medicine, electrical appliances, gifts, cosmetics, stationery and other products.

Characteristics of PET blister

Hard texture, good toughness, high strength, bright surface, environmental protection up to food grade. Can be made transparent and customized a variety of colors. Commonly used in plastic packaging with high export and environmental protection requirements. No hot pressing and high frequency welding.

PP blister characteristics

The material is translucent frosted, soft, good toughness, anti-static conductive effect, high temperature resistance (about 120 ℃), environmentally friendly and non-toxic, the first choice for food packaging, precision high-end electronic accessories packaging, and is the only one that can be heated in a microwave oven material.

PS blister characteristics

Low density (light weight), environmentally friendly and non-toxic, high plasticity, poor toughness and brittleness, good anti-static and conductive effect, generally used as a base plastic. Because it is fragile, it is not suitable for recycling.