Blister Packaging Thickness Is Not Uniform How To Cause? How Can Such A Problem Be Solved?

- Feb 10, 2020-

Thickness is not uniform, the rarest points, shelf, sheet, temperature, and so on. Chongqing blister packaging products shelf in the pressure of the moment position adjustment is very crux, if there is a dislocation or placement of unreasonable signs, the thickness will occur uneven. With the sheet material is related to the sheet material in the process of labor temporary thickness adjustment, in order to bring about such quality results. The adjustment of temperature also has indirect relationship, and according to the difference of the mold difference of the data conditioning absolute should be high or low temperature, or it presents the signs of non-uniform. The way is to pay attention to the shelf status adjustment, sheet of environmental suppliers to negotiate, temperature adjustment to sheet and mold suitability.