Blister Packaging Reduces The Packaging Cost Under The Condition Of Recycling

- Feb 10, 2020-

Blister packaging in this very low profit market, packaging role, any is used to sell the packaging has a packaging role, the so-called packaging role has beautification, hierarchy, value. The function of these three kinds of packaging, but can completely achieve these functions of packaging can only say it is difficult, the demand takes a lot of time, the function of packaging first comes from the planning of packaging, so planning has become the most important before the production of packaging a detail. The function of packaging according to consumer consumption and consumer demand for goods packaging to plan, because consumers are not the same consumption situation a consumption mind, as long as this ability better play the role of packaging.

Maintenance skills. I think a lot of packaging has a strong maintenance skills, such as metal packaging and wood packaging. They have very strong maintenance ability, they and blister tray not a point is, plastic tray is cheaper than them, use a brief, there is also the cost of goods use packaging support. Blister tray this kind of packaging is mostly used in IT products, a kind of pallet called anti-static packaging, this kind of packaging is a special information manufacturing and the primary use is still to maintain the product and electrical resistance, in the transport of temporary blister tray as long as the information has a certain thickness can be very good stability.


Easy to use, plastic blister tray this kind of packaging is light, the use of the pallet in the electronics factory is mostly used as turnover, the convenience of the pallet it can be folded into packaging movement, as long as the component is not pressed to the goods can continue to add layer. Blister tray packaging has the advantage of a convenient use, the demand for electronic products have prevent electrostatic products, such as: a 10 indexes of antistatic products demand, but due to the use time is too long, but resulting in a decline in the antistatic ability of the blister tray, anti-static index fell tray will not be able to continue to use the static index 10 products, convenient technique is less than 10 index of tray we can to lower electrostatic products apply, some manufacturers will tray back directly.


On the other hand become the best choice of product packaging. However, with the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for colorful box packaging is increasing, as well as higher requirements on the quality of colorful box packaging. For half of the blister parts with the required thickness at the bottom, it can be formed by punch vacuum.


Its principle is the first will be quickly plastic plate under the heater heating softening, when the heating sheet first touch the punch, that is, cooling and lose the thinning ability, when the data continue to move down, until completely touch with the punch; Then began to vacuum, the edge and all around by thinning and forming, punch vacuum forming for the shape of convex thin wall plastic parts, forming plastic parts of the inner surface of the scale precision is higher.


Blister box as a blister packaging, has been widely entered with our lives related to all walks of life.