Blister Packaging Molding Principle

- Nov 21, 2019-

Blister packaging products are widely used in small commodities, such as electronic hardware, food, handicrafts, agricultural products, fruits, alcohol, medicine, medical and other products. Almost all the lines are used. Below I will briefly introduce the molding principle of blister packaging.

The main production machine of blister packaging box is plastic automatic molding equipment. It is a plastic sheet of PVC, PET or other raw materials that is made into a roll. After being tiled and heated and softened in a blister oven, it is attached to the surface of the mold by suction and is formed by cooling. Then it became the product style we wanted.

The use of blister packaging boxes is mainly divided into two categories. The first category is to beautify the products and improve the commercial value of the products. This type of packaging can be a blister card holder, as well as a folding box. There is also a category for the purpose of separation, protection of products to avoid friction between each other, for the purpose of product turnover. These products are mainly used in trays, blister boxes, and blister holders.