Blister Packaging, Materials Can Not Be Shared Reason Analysis?

- Mar 07, 2020-

Blister packaging, materials can not be Shared reason analysis?

Recently, many customers needed too little blister packaging, and the reason our customer service gave was that they could not order materials due to too little quantity. Therefore, we are very puzzled that the materials are not all transparent PVC or PET materials. Why not? Now there is chongqing blister to tell you.

Blister packaging materials common indeed only PVC, PET, PS and PP four. However, the production process of blister packaging box involves a problem of layout, that is, how many holes do the bulk mold a mold, how to arrange the most appropriate. Each blister packaging box because of the size of the different mold layout method is not the same, so the size of the bulk mold after the layout will not be the same. The final material specification of the blister packaging box is decided according to the size of the large cargo mold, and different blister packaging box needs material thickness is also different, even if the difference of 0.1mm for blister packaging box material is also a big gap oh. So, the material between blister packaging box is very difficult to share, unless the two blister packaging box of the outer length, width and height are the same, but the internal structure is not changed, so as to share