Application Industry Of Various Products Of Blister Packaging

- Apr 26, 2020-

Application industry of various products of blister packaging

Blister packaging inner tray / pallet is suitable for the trays of electronic products, digital products, stationery, hardware accessories, biscuits and other products. It can be specifically planned according to the structure and shape of the product. It is more stable and also plays an auxiliary role in other packaging.

Blister packaging cover / blister card / insert card packaging, high transparency, generally used for display or surface protection, mainly used with paper cards. Blister on the paper card or heat-sealed on the card paper, not easy to fall off. General hardware, more lipstick.

Blister packaging box, good transparency, good protection performance, can directly display a variety of products, widely used in baking packaging, cosmetics packaging, stationery pigment packaging, toy packaging, daily necessities packaging, etc.

Folded plastic packaging, three-fold or four-fold, mainly used for gifts, small accessories, with hooks, easy for consumers to visually display.

Blister folding box refers to a box body folded in half, with a buckle folded in half, with stronger sealing, used in household appliance packaging, ball game packaging, fishing gear packaging, etc.

Three-fold blister packaging, portable three-dimensional packaging, the display angle is beautiful and elegant, the packaging is not easy to fall off, the high-end technology has higher cost, stronger protection, and the items are not easy to take out. Generally used for stationery packaging, digital products, daily necessities or stationery packaging.