Advantages Of Plastic Trays And Traditional Trays

- Dec 24, 2018-

Following the development of logistics, everyone's requests for production conditions, storage conditions, and process control are constantly improving. Due to the insurmountable limitations of wooden pallets in terms of production and standard production, plastic pallets have entered a field of vision and soon occupied a place. It is the most widely used in professional plastic pallets such as machinery, electronics, food, medicine, and clothing. Its advantages are more outstanding than wooden pallets, and it has a wider application.

Advantages of plastic trays and traditional trays

First, durability: plastic trays are about 10 times longer than wooden pallets.

Second, the reliability: the reliability of the plastic electronic pallet greatly reduces the hazard consumption of the pallet, and the damage of the material on the pallet due to the pallet hazard, the plastic pallet is lighter than the same wooden pallet, so the weight and cost of the transportation are reduced. .

Sanitary: Plastic pallets can be cleaned and reused, and the US Department of Agriculture is advancing companies to use plastic pallets to carry goods. And now the US Environmental Protection Agency is aware that plastic pallets should be the preferred item for the US Department of Energy and the US Department of Defense.

Fourth, the global trend: Recently the European Community has announced the decree requesting the delivery of all food, beverages, medicines, it is necessary to use plastic trays.

5. Speciality: Plastic pallets will become more and more popular in the special commodity market, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, and can be made into various colors according to the requirements of different factories, plus corresponding Company logos and symbols.

Sixth, safe: due to the anti-hazard of plastic pallets, workers' compensation claims are reduced accordingly, and the reduction in the use of wood in the factory is equal to the reduction of fire safety costs.

7. Residual value: The used toy blister can be sold at the original value of 30%, because the plastic pallet can be sold back to the manufacturer or other entities for reuse.

8. Environmental protection: Plastic pallets are environmentally friendly commodities. Because they can fully recover and use them from scratch, they greatly reduce waste and disposal costs.

9. Maintaining the forest: The use of plastic pallets can avoid the loss of thousands of acres of forest each year.

The development of plastic pallets benefits from the following factors: the primary plastic pallets have superior performance; secondly, the country has increased the control of deforestation in recent years, which has led to a significant increase in the cost of timber, and the increasing demand for wooden pallets in Europe and the United States. Harsh, affecting the use of plastic pallets; in addition, the plastic pallet processing equipment is highly automated and has a large output. Following the decline in the performance of China's plastic machinery and the drop in the price of plastic materials, the cost of plastic pallets is no longer a bottleneck restricting the use of plastic pallets.