About The Blister Packaging Materials Used

- Apr 01, 2020-

About the blister packaging materials used

Blister packaging materials for food grade material, PP sheet is non-toxic, tasteless, health, good barrier property, packaging, high quality, low price, high hardness, strong thick, the structure of products, recyclable or biodegradable decay, after use will not cause pollution to the environment, strong commonality, strictly control the quality, fine edge smooth, no burr, not by high temperature or low temperature, microwave heating, refrigerator does not produce toxins, health and safety inspection, using at ease, fully automatic packaging machine, a molding, automatic cut points supporting material line, automatic stripping, easy to release, reduce the amount of your artificial speed, do not cause pollution of moderate packaging, known as the green packaging, green packaging PP raw materials are important means to protect the environment, as well as with the significance of renewable resources, PP plastic food can speak to the big role in this respect!